Return to York Street

I’m delighted to have another solo exhibition at Ramsgate’s York Street Gallery, form 2-9 May 2018.


This year my focus has been on The Isle of Thanet’s shoreline borders, the white cliffs in particular.

Paddleboarding at Pegwell
Paddleboarding at Pegwell

While paddle-boarding around the coast here, I was struck not by the cliffs themselves, but how they affect the colour, light, and structure of the sea at their feet. The white cliffs are a common feature for local artists, but could images be created that feature them, without showing them?

The main drawings in this year’s exhibition do just that. They feature not only the reflections of the cliffs, but the expressive nature of the works echo the movements of the water experienced while paddle-boarding there.

Paddle-boarding forms a minimalist platform on which one stands to paddle. The experience of every movement of the water is acute, particularly when tides are driving waves towards the cliffs which are reflecting them back to the sea. Particularly complex wave and tidal flows run through these waters making it a unique experience on the water.