Cliff Reflections

Reflections of White Cliffs – 42 x 100 cm – Graphite on paper @

The distinctive white cliffs of the far south eastern coastline of England are a natural and common subject for artists. It it not only the cliffs themselves that hold fascination, but how their presence affects their environment, particularly the sea that wash along their feet.

My cliff reflections drawings are inspired by that environmental influence, focusing solely on how the land changes the nature of the sea. Shadows within cliff hollows and caves cast reflected shadow lines across the water. Light tones reflect the sky and pale cliffs.

These large drawings aim to retain some of the character and movement of the subject with loose and expressive lines and marks, bringing out the character of the medium and paper.

Like all my work, these are derived from personal experience and relationship with the subject. Each drawing is based on photographic reference taken whilst paddle boarding around the Kent coast and provide little-seen perspectives on these iconic landmarks.